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Diamond Lip Mask

Diamond Lip Mask

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Diamond Lip Mask

Enhanced with real Diamonds, this lip mask is here to revive your lips. Each Diamond Radiance Collagen Lip Mask is unbelievably effective at restoring lip hydration and exfoliating—resulting in smoother lips. Slip on this decadent Diamond lip mask and be prepared to unveil your pretty pucker.


Brightening | Radiance-Boosting | Energizing | Hydrating | Age-Defying |Minimizes the Appearance of Dullness, Discoloration, and Dark Circles


To keep you smiling, we’ve harnessed Diamond Powder’s exfoliating benefits, Hyaluronic Acid to boost hydration, and Niacinamide (Vit B3) to smooth skin. You won’t want to keep your lips sealed about this Diamond lip mask and our Brightening Complex, which helps to minimize the appearance of skin discoloration around the lips. View the full KNESKO formula here.

All masks are crafted using our proprietary GEMCLINICAL®️ Technology, which acts as a one-way delivery system to maximize infusion of the doctor-formulated ingredients and enhance the treatment results

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